value engineering: reduce product cost
Low margins, decreasing sales, strong competitors, high production costs, many expensive parts, many reworks

After a long process of engineering & design,  your company has finally delivered a great product to the market. Unfortunately, resulting sales and revenue turn out less than hoped for. 

Low margins, high material & manufacturing cost, or being underbid by competitors are all indicators of an imbalance between cost and value of your product.

Value Engineering can help. Value Engineering provides a framework to improve your product and add customer value while simplifying manufacturing & assembly. 

" Value Engineering isn’t just cutting costs. It is creating value for your customers in a cost-effective way"

Organize a Value Engineering Workshop

At Manuformance, we specialize in helping businesses identify opportunities to increase value while reducing cost. Whether you are looking to improve efficiency, reduce costs, or enhance quality: A value engineering workshop can provide your organization with new ideas for improvement and cost savings to achieve your goals. 

How it works:

Our experts guide your team through a structured process. Before the workshop, we help you analyze the cost & manufacturability of your current product and investigate your customer values & markets. These insights kickstart creativity when presented at the start of the workshop. Cross-functional teams then generate many ideas for improvement during a highly collaborative session. 
After the workshop, we help you analyze, scope & capture the identified opportunities.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you organize a workshop tailored to your business needs.

Value Engineering worksop, brainstorming for oppertunities

Customer Experiences

Do you recognize: High material costs, expensive manufacturing, facing strong competitors, or a gut feeling that your margins could be better than they're today? Value Engineering can help you improve your designs, reduce costs & capture value. Together with our experts, you define what has priority to capture savings & opportunities in your business. We always start by listening to you thoroughly, clarifying your needs and questions. Manuformance is more than consultancy only. During each project we actively educate and coach our customers. Also, we provide trainings and software tools on a regular basis, and can help you structure & improve your internal Cost & Value Engineering efforts.