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Do you recognize: High material costs, expensive manufacturing, facing strong competitors, or a gut feeling that your margins could be better than they're today? Value Engineering can help you improve your designs, reduce costs & capture value. Together with our experts, you define what has priority to capture savings & opportunities in your business. We always start by listening to you thoroughly, clarifying your needs and questions. Manuformance is more than consultancy only. During each project we actively educate and coach our customers. Also, we provide trainings and software tools on a regular basis, and can help you structure & improve your internal Cost & Value Engineering efforts.

Usually, a Value Engineering project has three stages: Analysis, Improvement & Learning. Starting with analysis of the value, cost & spend of your product(s) or service(s). Understanding & visualizing markets, cost drivers and spends. Together we define an improvement strategy to capture value, reduce costs & strengthen your market positioning. We conclude by structurally improving the tools & methods in your organization. 
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Market & Value Analysis

A clear view of your market & competitors is essential. Value mapping, competitor analysis & external benchmarking can help you identify value and discover what makes your product(s) unique!

Cost & Design Analysis

Calculation of theoretical should-costs provides insights in the cost buildup of your product. Clarifying expensive parts or processes, main cost drivers & costs per functions helps you identify opportunities for cost reduction.

Spend & Purchasing Analysis

Surely, your current spend differs substantially from the ideal world. Critically assessing your current spend in comparison to our calculations can discover bottlenecks in your supply chain, procurement or in-house manufacturing.


Improve Market positioning

Extensive market study & functional analysis provides a basis for improving your product. Extending important functionality or removing redundant features brings focus on the core value to your customers. Together we will create something that is unique in your market.

Improve Product Cost

We can help you compare alternatives to main cost drivers and investigate possibilities to remove or reduce cost. Analysis of possible saving and required effort for process & design changes helps you focus & decide on the right improvements to your products.

Improve Procurement Strategy

Fact-based negotiation, supplier (re)selection and supply chain improvement can help you reduce your current spend. We can support your procurement department by e.g. make or buy analysis, quote validation, negotiation support & external benchmarking.

Learn & Prevent

Implement Cost & Value Engineering

Structurally implementing Cost and Value engineering in your organization can help you design cost effective products in the future. We can help you start or improve your CE/VE departments, provide ad-interim experts and/or train your current employees.

Design to Cost & Manufacturing

Cost effective design isn't in the hands of Cost & value engineering only. Designing for low costs & easy manufacturing is a skill all designers & engineers should master to some level. We can help raise awareness in your teams & structure your DfX way-of-working.

Cost Calculation Software

Easy & accurate cost calculations are the basis for all your costing efforts. Our ShouldCoster software provides an accurate & intuitive calculation tool for your cost engineers and enables your engineers to create fast & consistent estimates themselves.

For more information about our software go to www.shouldcoster.com

Product Costing

No need for a complete VE project, but looking for separate product cost calculations only?
Manuformance also offers individual cost calculations as a service.
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Training & Education

Are you looking for a specific training on Value Engineering, Cost Reduction or Manufacturability? 
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