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Manuformance offers several different services to analyse & reduce costs, increase profit margins and optimize manufacturing processes.

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Do you recognize high material costs, expensive manufacturing, facing strong competitors, or just a gut feeling that your margins could be better than they're today? Value Engineering can help you improve your design and manufacturability, reduce costs & capture value.


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Cost calculations & benchmarks have many purposes. Are you looking for shouldcost calculations, benchmarks or cost driver analysis? Our experts can help you estimate product costs, identify  cost saving opportunities and select the right scenario for your business.


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Ramping up production comes with countless challenges. Are you industrializing your products for mass production, or do you face problems with manufacturability? We can help you define & optimize your production process and analyze & improve manufacturability of your designs.

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Manuformance offers the knowledge and tools you need for cost-conscious engineering, manufacturing and sourcing. Our consultancy services and trainings in design for excellence & manufacturability help you and your colleagues make the right tradeoffs and decisions. 

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