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We offer all the tools and skills for enhancing cost effectiveness of your entire production process.
Providing advice, (software)tools, coaching and complete optimization projects we don't only sell results, but also teach you how to do it yourself.

We believe overall production costs exist of 3 different pillars: Product, Production & Procurement.
Perfecting each of these can optimize your margins and minimize your costs.

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Value Engineering

Product Optimization

Decisions made in the early stages of development can have a big impact on final product costs.
A fresh look later in the product lifecycle can result in large cost savings without major design changes .

We offer:

  • Cost Driver Analysis: Identify major cost drivers by extensive Product Costing & Should-Cost analysis 
  • Product Optimization: Optimize cost-effectiveness without changing functionality or design
  • Design for Manufacturability: Active coaching & advice on cost awareness in Product Development

Process Optimization

Optimization of In-house manufacturing and assembly processes can be a quick step to cost-effectiveness.  Activities within your own factories can easily be monitored and saving opportunities can thus quickly be captured.

  • Internal Benchmarking: Determine current cost-effectiveness and overall performance by comparing current production costs to industry standards and theoretical Should-Cost Analysis
  • Process Optimization: Perfectionate production workflow to flatten outlying cost drivers and reduce overall production costs.
  • Outsourcing Analysis: evaluate practical implications and resulting cost savings of (partial) outsourcing to different locations to support your decision making process selecting the best scenario.

Procurement Optimization

To find the best deals, procurement often requests quotes from multiple potential suppliers, and then selects the best or cheapest.
A good starting point, but how can one validate they've found the best deal that's out there?
Perhaps the best supplier isn't listed yet... And was importing from abroad taken into consideration?

  • External Benchmarking: provides a second look on the market, analyzing potential alternatives for you.
  • Should-Cost Analysis: a benchmark price based on industry standards can quantify your potential savings and help to set a realistic cost saving target
  • Fact-Based Negotiation: brings your supplier negotiation to a scientific level.
    Detailed Should-cost calculations provide realistic targets without neglecting your suppliers essential margins. Understanding the real costs of a product can help you find the best deal for both you and your suppliers, ensuring a durable relationship.

Interim Cost Engineering / Value Engineering

Besides our consultancy services, we also offer interim Cost Engineers & Value Engineers.

Do you have an interim position or urgent case that needs a ad-hoc engineer? Contact us now to discuss your options and possibilities