Performance in Manufacturing

Your cost & value engineering partner

Manuformance is a dynamic & innovative consultancy agency specialized in product cost reduction, value engineering and manufacturability.
We help our customers create & improve their product designs, manufacturing processes & procurement strategy. Together with your team we define and execute a strategy to improve your products, reduce production costs and increase your margins.
How can we help you optimize your manufacturing performance?

Cost estimation software

Are you looking for info about our Costing Software? All information about the "ShouldCoster" can be found on

Do you recognize...?

  • Low margins 
  • Decreasing Sales
  • Strong and cheap(er) competitors
  • High material-/production costs
  • Many expensive, custom-made parts
  • Challenging manufacturing & many reworks

After a long process of engineering & design,  your company has finally delivered a great product to the market. Unfortunately, resulting sales and revenue turn out less than hoped for.
Low margins, high material & manufacturing cost, or being underbid by competitors are all indicators of an imbalance between cost and value of your product.

Value Engineering can help. Value Engineering provides a framework to improve your product and add customer value while simplifying manufacturing & assembly. 

Value Engineering isn’t just cutting costs. It is creating value for your customers in a cost-effective way