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We help our clients reduce costs, estimate & control investments and improve manufacturability of their parts and products. Are you looking for cost & value engineers for your project or long-term secondment? Contact us now for more info.

Cost Out, Value Up

Cost & Value engineering is our passion. Manuformance is your go-to partner for both complex costing projects and small individual cases. 

Together with our clients, we find a balance between cost reduction and value creation to improve margins and profits. We take our time to understand your request thoroughly, as every project requires its own custom approach.

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Reduce Product Costs

What is Cost Engineering?

Cost Engineering starts by analysing the costs of your product of project
Our costing experts can help you structure the data you already have available, and add their own calculations where needed, based on references and market data.

A clear view on your cost structure helps you identify cost drivers and saving potential.
By comparing estimates of several different alternatives, you can quickly see the costs and benefits of each scenario, make the right design choices more easily and improve profitability.
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What is Value Engineering?

Value engineering takes cost optimisation to the next level. With our cost calculations and expert knowledge of production & manufacturability, we guide you to get the best out of your product and design. 

With Value Engineering, you focus actively on cost and manufacturability during product design & development. Compare different processes and materials quantitatively and create the most value for your customers by selecting the best alternatives.

Manuformance is specialized in process analysis, identification of saving opportunities and finding cost-effective solutions without compromising value or quality.

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What is Manufacturing Engineering?

Manufacturing Engineering is the art of tuning a product to its manufacturing process and vice versa. Small details in product design or specifications can have a big impact on costs and manufacturability. 

At Manuformance, we believe every manufacturing process can be optimized further. Addressing small inefficiencies in the design & process not only reduces costs, but also benefits quality, lead-time, capacity & efficiency. By systematically improving both the design & process, we help you boost your manufacturing performance.

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