Design for Excellence (DfX) Trainings

Manuformance can provide several on-site trainings in Design for Excellence. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Design to cost training

Incorporate a strong cost focus in your product creation process and give designers ownership of product cost.

Cost estimation basics training

Consistently estimate product cost throughout the development cycle &  create cost-benchmarks for sourcing.

design for manufacturability training

The costs, opportunities & limitations of common processes, and accounting for them in a structural approach.

become a value engineering ambassador

Become an internal ambassador of value engineering & be a coach for your colleagues.


CE/VE implementation

Structurally implementing Cost and Value engineering in your organization can help you design cost effective products in the future. We can help you start or improve your CE/VE departments, provide ad-interim experts and/or train your current employees.

Design to Cost & Manufacturing

Cost effective design isn't in the hands of Cost & value engineering only. Designing for low costs & easy manufacturing is a skill all designers & engineers should master to some level. We can help raise awareness in your teams & structure your DfX way-of-working.