product costing service

Detailed studies of product cost & tooling investments have many purposes. Whether you're looking for procurement benchmarks, profitability studies, investment forecasts or saving opportunities: our costing experts are at your service!

cost model creation

Do you need better understanding & forecasts of product-, tooling- or manufacturing cost? Either for internal processes or at your suppliers? We  help you create tailored cost models to your needs.

cost driver analysis

Our cost driver analysis brings insight in the cost buildup in your parts & products. Better understanding of cost drivers reveals saving opportunities and allows for more cost-conscious design.

scenario selection

Are you currently comparing concepts, scenarios, designs or manufacturing techniques? Our cost studies & structured scenario selection approach helps you make an educated decision  based on facts.

Do you want insights into the costs of your current product? Product cost calculations can make you understand
the source of costs and identify saving opportunities. Manuformance offers costing services for existing products, early concepts or even your competitor's products. 

Having a detailed cost breakdown of a product can be helpful in a variety of situations. A cost analysis can be helpful
to identify & decrease cost drivers in your current product design. For companies that do not produce their own products, having a external benchmark of product costs can help when (re)negotiating with suppliers. A cost study of competitor's products can be beneficial for those looking to improve their own product.

Are you looking for guidance on design improvement and discovery of customer value?
Have a look at our Value Engineering services!

For almost any product, we can calculate the costs for you!
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teardown and product cost calculation

Suitable for

cost calculation of existing products
cost calculation of finished designs
cost estimation of concepts, designs and sketches
benchmarking of competitor's products