Industrialization for Startups

from design to manufacturing

Industrializing prototypes and ramping up production can be big challenges for startups. Cost and manufacturability of a design are critical factors that impact the success of a product, but overseeing the implications of individual design choices can be hard. That's why we offer a wide range of services to help you bring your products to market efficiently and effectively.

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Manufacturing Engineering

Finding the right manufacturing processes for your product can be challenging. Among many others, design & material properties, product & tooling cost, lead-time, throughput & quality all depend on the manufacturing process you choose for your product.  Whether you are deciding between two final options, or still need to develop the complete process flow, our manufacturing engineers can help you investigate your options and select the best scenario for your needs and goals.

See an overview of our manufacturing engineering services below

Process selection

Choose the most appropriate production processes for your products, based on factors such as design, annual volumes, and (investment) cost.

outsourcing analysis

Depending on your product & company, outsourcing some process steps and internalizing others can influence throughput & cost significantly. We can help you find the optimal balance.

manufacturability analysis

Perform an in-depth analysis of your product design to identify potential manufacturing issues and provide recommendations for improvement. By catching design flaws early on, you avoid costly redesigns and delays. 

supplier selection

Broaden your supply base by investigating & benchmarking alternative suppliers & processes.

process optimization

Optimize your manufacturing process by identifying areas where efficiencies can be gained, improve quality, reduce scrap rates, and/or increase throughput.

materials selection

We can help you select the best materials for your products based on their intended use, durability, and other important factors.

Design for Manufacturability (DfM)

Optimize your product design for efficient and cost-effective manufacturing from the first sketch.

Although every design has to be manufactured eventually, the limitations and constraints of the manufacturing process are often overlooked. Poor manufacturability can lead to manufacturing inefficiencies, increased production costs, and reduced product quality. Therefore, incorporating DfM principles in the design process is critical for ensuring the product is not only functional and aesthetically pleasing but also can be manufactured efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our expertises are: material selection, process optimization, scenario selection, manufacturability analysis, and suplier selection

At Manuformance, we help our clients create cost-effective and manufacturable solutions. Our engineers have a deep understanding of the cost, benefits & limitations of many manufacturing techniques. We can provide valuable guidance and support throughout every stage of your product development journey. We can help you optimize your design for manufacturability, select the right materials and production processes, and ensure that your products meet all relevant industry standards.

Whether you're looking for advice on optimizing your current design, or a guiding hand designing new parts from scratch, our experts in Design to Cost & Manufacturing can help you create manufacturable & cost-efficient designs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you bring your products to market effectively. More info on design optimization? Have a look at our Value Engineering Services