6 Tips to Design to Cost

Published on 2 December 2022 at 13:03

Design to Cost is a development process focused on product creation within a fixed budget. Besides having clear targets a team should work to, it's also a mindset the engineers & designers involved must have.

Designing to Cost & Manufacturing helps you create cost aware, easily manufacturable and thus profitable products. 6 tips to make it a success:

  1. Start with a clear budget. It all starts by properly defining which costs you'll be designing to
  2. Be critical in your requirement setting. Often, every requirement introduces a level of costs. Make sure to keep them at the bare minimum.
  3. Divergate first! Investigate all feasible alternatives before getting biased to one particuar option.
  4. Design to Manufacturing. Always design with a specific manufacturing process in mind and optimize for it.
  5. Apples to Apples: Use one consistent estimation method while costing. (e.g. the ShouldCoster estimation module)
  6. Monitor the gap. Create a systematic method to frequently compare the current cost status to the budget. This way you can take direct action when needed.